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Download Registration and Permission Forms: 

K-5th Grade 

6th Grade 



What is the Variety Show? 

An evening that gives your child an opportunity to hop on stage and perform their hearts out! They will perform one daytime student assembly, and one evening performance  for families/guests. The Broadway theme is new this year, just to add some inspiration. The kids are not obligated to choose Broadway songs, it’s just for fun :)


What can my child do in the show?

Students are free to perform individually or as a group. Acts have included singing, playing instruments, dance, cheer, gymnastics, oral interpretations, skits, magic acts, or comedy. Basically any safe and school appropriate act! Start getting your ideas ready!  Must be less than 2:30 minutes.


Does my child have to try out?

Yes. Due to the time constraints of the evening performance, we work hard to keep the event moving quickly.  Although we traditionally try to make sure as many kids have a chance to participate as possible, there may come a time when there are too many participants to perform in one evening.   Tryouts will be based on Appropriateness first, followed by Overall Performance, Preparedness, Stage Presence, and Skill Level. Acts must be less than 2:30 minutes. Our objective is to keep the entire show under 1.5 hours. 


Do we need to provide music?

Yes. If singing a song or doing a performance, all music must be turned in on a zip drive or emailed to Jon Donald at . If a student is doing a vocal solo, the music provided must be an accompaniment track, with MUSIC ONLY, without the words. The children will not be permitted to sing over the words of another artist. Please turn in music by Monday,  Jan 10, so the tech team can prepare the song list ahead of time and keep the tryouts flowing as quickly as possible.  Instructions for turning in music:


Suggestion for Downloading: 

Buy it on Amazon Music or iTunes (most songs are $1 or so)  those can be downloaded to one’s computer as audio files. The file formats are:  PC = mp3 or wav   | Mac = mp3 or aiff.    iTunes can convert files to mp3 format which can then be put on removable media (flash drive).  However, streaming music sources are not the most reliable way to get music, plus it is illegal to download and edit music from most services.  You may request for Jon to cut the song down to a shortened length. 


How to submit music: 

Email: Jon Donald at with the subject “HGE Variety Show Music, Name of Student, Song Title”

Or submit a Flash Drive in an envelope to the office:  Please label envelope with, “HGE Variety Show, name of the student, Song title”.  If it’s a flash drive you'd like to receive back, please make sure to put your students’ name/teacher name on the envelope for return. 






Thursday, Dec 19, 2019 Registration Deadline

Please remember to keep all acts safe and under 2 minutes 30 seconds.  This is a school event, so all acts, costumes and song choices MUST be school appropriate. All acts must be SAFE for the kids on stage. SONG LYRICS must be attached with registration form!  Registration forms are due prior to Christmas Break; Then tryout and rehearsal schedules will be released in January based on signups.



You must sign a car-rider signature release on the registration form, to allow your student to stay after for Tryouts and Dress Rehearsals. Pack snacks for them to stay after, and they will be asked to quietly read or use their chromebooks in the hallway.  You will end up getting a roster list, and may pick them up immediately following their turn; or you may get them at 6pm. You must come inside to sign out your child.  



Each year, Dr. Morton recruits several high school students from the LSNHS Theatre Department. They will serve as the judges for the auditions. They will score the students based on Appropriateness first, followed by Overall Performance, Preparedness, Stage Presence, and Skill Level.   The students will NOT see their scores.  The results will be announced over the weekend, please encourage students to enjoy this character-building activity and simply do their best! We are so proud of our brave talented students on stage! Our final objective is to keep the length of the final show down to 1.5 hours. 


Friday, Jan 10                                   Stage Music is Due

Must email or send in a zip drive to  with shortened/edited music.  If it’s a singing performance, the music must have no words; only accompaniment. Lyrics for all acts must be submitted with all songs, for Dr. Morton’s review. Lyrics must be school appropriate.  


Friday, Jan 17, 4-6pm                        Closed Tryouts (closed to parents)

They should bring necessary props to school; costumes are not required.  Parents are not permitted to come into the gym while students perform; it helps them to focus on stage. Music must have already been turned in via email. 


Thursday, Jan 30, 4-6pm                    Open Dress Rehearsal (open to parents)

Props and costumes are required. They will be allowed to change privately after school. Parents or guests are allowed to come sit in the gym and watch the performances. You may leave with your child as soon as they’re done; or come in to sign them out at 6pm. 


Thursday, Feb 6,  7-8:30p                    Variety Show Finale

Free admittance to this amazing Variety Show!  Carnations for your performer will be available for $5 at the event by the 6th grade volunteers. We ask that you stay through the duration of the show in order to support the other performers. Performers must check-in to the assigned waiting room by 6:45pm, and must be signed out afterwards. 

Sponsored by Dr. Gail Morton, we thank her for her support! Contact the PTA Variety Show committee with any questions: 

  • Melanie Adkins at 
  • Stephanie Schauner at
  • Kristin Leighninger at


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