There are so many ways to support your Hazel Grove PTA! Here are some of the ways we are able to fundraise throughout the year.

Trash Bags

This tradition has been a part of Hazel Grove for many years. Every fall we sell trash bags for 1 month; we typically don't send things home to sell, but this is an product that some families have come to rely on, so we continue to offer it! It generally raises about $1,000. Thank you to Carrie Jones for operating this program! 

Box Tops

Please bring in your Box Tops at any time throughout the year. Coach Parsons offers her volunteer time from home to run this program for us, by counting, sorting, and submitting to the company. Thank you Coach P!

Family Fun Nights

For one night in Fall and Spring, you can take a break from cooking and meet your fellow Hazel Grove Hawks at one of your favorite local restaurants for dinner. Portions of the proceeds generated on spirit nights are submitted to the PTA Annual Fund. Family Fun nights are at Chipotle and Culvers, and teachers volunteer to serve food to the diners for tips that go back to the school!

School Benefit and Silent Auction

"A Night For the Kids Without the Kids!"

This is a MAJOR fundraising event that is so much fun to be a part of! Bring your friends and neighbors, and have fun with a silent auction, DJ and dancing! These funds are raised to directly impact teachers by filling their staff grants. Funds may also used to service the Annual PTA Budget as needed.






Upcoming Events 



We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!