Meet your 2018 - 2019 Team 


Grade Level Coordinators:

  • K - TBA
  • 1st - TBA
  • 2nd - TBA
  • 3rd - TBA
  • 4th - TBA
  • 5th - TBA
  • 6th - TBA



  • Party is 2:30-3:40 p.m. on Halloween Day
  • Costume Parade is 2:30-2:45 p.m.; kids change into costumes and parade the halls/playground
  • Party planning meeting 1 month prior, for all parents interested
  • Parents plan for their own grade levels
  • Grades K-5 participate on-site.


  • Chairperson organizes this in advance.
  • Planning meeting 1 month prior, for all parents interested
  • Party is throughout the day; grade levels take shifts in the Gym, with bouncy houses, etc.
  • Each grade creates their own grade level craft -- to be donated to the Annual Hazel Grove School Benefit Silent Auction.  
  • Grades K-5 participate on-site.


  • Each grade has different needs
  • Contact your teacher directly to find out how they can use your help



The sixth grade year is extra special! Take a look at some of the traditions that we love!

Lots of sixth grade parents are needed to chip in and help out:


Holiday Parties (Daytime):

  • Halloween and Valentine's Day events are held off-site.  
  • Sixth Grade parents collaborate with teachers to book exciting field trips for these days.

Costs:  Bus transportation is paid for by the LSR7 District.  

  • Field trip costs are shared by the PTA Budget and Sixth Grade Parents (the expenses change each year based on the planning of the particular grade.)

 DARE Graduation (Daytime): 

  • Sixth grade parents host a Ceremony during a daytime assembly in the gym.
  • The DARE officers provide awards to participants.
  • A gift is presented to the DARE Officer.

Costs:  PTA Budget contributes $25 toward a gift. 


Graduation Party (Daytime):

  • This event has been held off-site in the past.
  • Parents work with teachers to plan their event.

Costs:  Paid for by Sixth Grade Parents.


Graduation Reception (Evening): 

  • Planned by 6th grade parents.
  • Host in the gym; responsible for purchasing drinks, decorations, food, etc. for the reception.
  • 5th grade parents serve the food at the reception, so 6th grade parents can enjoy the evening.

Costs:  The PTA budget allocates $325 toward this event.


School Gift

It is tradition that Sixth Grade presents a School Gift to Hazel Grove, based on preferences of that particular class. These gifts are kept throughout the school! 


Upcoming Events 



We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!