Meet your 2019 - 2020 Team 


Grade Level Coordinators:

  • Head Room Parent sign ups will take place at Meet the Teacher.  



  • Check back soon for details 


  • Check back soon for details 


  • Each grade has different needs
  • Contact your teacher directly to find out how they can use your help



The sixth grade year is extra special! Take a look at some of the traditions that we love!

Lots of sixth grade parents are needed to chip in and help out:


Holiday Parties (Daytime):

  • Halloween and Valentine's Day events are held off-site.  
  • Sixth Grade parents collaborate with teachers to book exciting field trips for these days.

Costs:  Bus transportation is paid for by the LSR7 District.  

  • Field trip costs are shared by the PTA Budget and Sixth Grade Parents (the expenses change each year based on the planning of the particular grade.)

 DARE Graduation (Daytime): 

  • Sixth grade parents host a Ceremony during a daytime assembly in the gym.
  • The DARE officers provide awards to participants.
  • A gift is presented to the DARE Officer.

Costs:  PTA Budget contributes $25 toward a gift. 


Graduation Party (Daytime):

  • This event has been held off-site in the past.
  • Parents work with teachers to plan their event.

Costs:  Paid for by Sixth Grade Parents.


Graduation Reception (Evening): 

  • Planned by 6th grade parents.
  • Host in the gym; responsible for purchasing drinks, decorations, food, etc. for the reception.
  • 5th grade parents serve the food at the reception, so 6th grade parents can enjoy the evening.

Costs:  The PTA budget allocates $325 toward this event.


School Gift

It is tradition that Sixth Grade presents a School Gift to Hazel Grove, based on preferences of that particular class. These gifts are kept throughout the school! 


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